Survivalist’s at heart, ‘Preppers’ in reality.

Everyone it seems, and I mean everyone, is preparing, hoarding, and readying themselves for something.  I put a few extra long life cans away every time I go shopping for what ever happens.  Who really knows what it may be.  I want to be prepared.  I can use the extra cans to provide me with meals, entertainment (build a can castle) or defence (I can throw them at whatever I need defending from).  But seriously, who really knows whats coming.

Over the past several months, a little cretin in a little peninsula based country, has been making noise and testing some pretty harsh toys.  I might want to make sure that if he causes a reduction in supplies for what ever reason, I’ll be stocked.  The weathers always an issue, and for that, as part of my camping equipment, I make sure the propane bottles are always topped up to provide me with heat, if suddenly I open my curtains to an ice age.  Likewise the vehicles are always topped off with fuel as I’m not the most patient person, and mile long queues at a service station are definitely not my idea of fun.  As I said, little things for my own piece of mind.

All across social media, there’s tales of family training days.  Shelter building, fort making and food scavenging.  There are pages and pages of self-proclaimed “Preppers” and “Survivalists” discussing which gun is better suited for their 12-year-old children – “is a 44 better than a scatter gun when it comes to warding off a predator”?.  I have entertained myself for hours watching families that have buried caches, underground fallout shelters and “bugout” buses etc.  All good and logical choices, if the disaster happens to fall into the category they actually prepared for.  The likelihood of that happening is something I wouldn’t want to bet on.   But at least they’re doing something right?.

Friend of mine just partook in a survivalist course.  It taught her skills in bushcraft, rudimentary weapon and tool making as well as bush food, trapping and shelter making.


It actually sounded really good, and the skills learned were beneficial if she had to “go bush” for one reason or another.  I personally, would simply grab one of my tents, a swiss army knife, and few stored cans of food from my pantry.  If all else fails, there’s plenty of orchards, market gardens and fish laden beaches and streams to keep me well-rounded in the belly department.  But hang on !!!  I forgot.  A good portion of the population thinks that meat comes in a little package from the supermarket, and fish pre filletted.  Not a lot of people would survive if the power suddenly wasn’t there.  In fact a lot of people wouldn’t be too well off in the mental wellness department, if they couldn’t take care  of their social media cravings on an hourly basis.

Camping has been and always will be a passion of mine.  I like to arrive at a place that has nothing and make a home out of it.  I enjoy thinking that my very survival depends on putting up a tent, gathering wood for a fire and sourcing some food and water.  I am also part of the “Preppers revolution”.   Do I long for the occasion or event that i may be able to put my skills to test ?  Maybe.  A lot of people out there that take prepping seriously, must secretly hope that all their efforts aren’t for nothing, surely !!.  Not that anyone would ever wish harm or ill-ease to anyone of course.  I guess it’s a little like health insurance.  We have it but never want to use it.  Prepping is a little different though.  Preppers actually enjoy prepping !!!  But no one enjoys having health insurance that I know of.

We as humans, in our purist form, are survivalists, whether we admit it or not.  I today, survived a 10km hike, through rugged terrain, steep hills and lack of easily available food.   I managed to make it, but not without effort.  I’m a survivalist, like the rest of the group I hiked with.  A sense of accomplishment was felt by all, and I’m comfortable with the knowledge that if I had to perform the same task following natural or manmade disaster, I could do it reasonably easily.  What I did today with the others in my group, is a form of prepping.


I say, Prep away.  What harm can it do.  Sure, there are those in the community that might look at you a little sideways if you talk about being prepared for something that may never happen.  Those are the same people who would likely be knocking on your door when they realise that Domino’s won’t deliver when there’s no power, or they can’t simply turn on the heater to provide heat etc.

In my mind a skill is a skill.  Knowledge will help people survive when they are placed in a position where they need to act outside of the everyday skill sets.  Having the resources to continue as if nothing has happened, and by utilising those skills will be the difference between being alive and not.  It’s a simple matter of natural selection, and those who have “Prepared” will survive, those who haven’t won’t.  That’s why I have extra cans in my cupboard.  Thats why my Friend took a course, and that’s why millions of people have gotten the insurances they believe they need to prepare for the unseen, for what ever it may be, and when ever it might happen.

Canned food for thought 🙂



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