Bean Counter Cafe – Fairfield, East Melbourne

The intro on their website hits the nail firmly on the head:

Bean Counter Cafe

Is open for breakfast, lunch, morning tea and afternoon tea and also provides a relaxed ambiance of a cocktail lounge, with freshly roasted Coffee and Breakfast or Lunch experience that will make your mouth water. You will be surrounded by a beautiful surroundings and green landscape.

When I used to live nearby (some 4 years ago) this was my favorite cafe to have a Sunday breakfast at.  The reasons for me was a little thing called “great coffee”.   In fact, I later learned this cafe and its proficient and beautifully natured staff, has rated within the top 100 cafe destinations in Melbourne by the Melbourne Coffee Review for the past two years.  This doesn’t surprise me at all.

The Bean Counter Cafe has plenty of room.  There’s enough seating outside to be able enjoy the warm morning sun, they have a courtyard out the back which is decorated with toys for the kids to use and inside is furnished with local artwork, comfortable seats and homely decorations, making you feel comfortable and relaxed.

To be honest, there’s really nothing about this cafe that I don’t like.   Its located directly across the road from the Fairfield train station( but you couldn’t tell from inside), making it very easy to access from Melbourne city.  The cafe is Child and family friendly, It’s dog friendly, bike friendly….. It’s just friendly all around.

I have tried pretty much everything on the menu, but my favorite meal experience is breakfast, in which I choose the “Bean Counter Big Breakfast”, consisting of bacon, mushrooms, a home made potato cake, cherry tomatoes, a chorizo sausage and I usually choose scrambled eggs to go with the two pieces of toast with avocado slices.  Everything a growing boy needs !!.

Breakfast runs all day, so for someone like me, who doesn’t live locally, and Melbourne’s traffic being what it is, I’m assured that if I walk in at midday, I can still enjoy a breakfast.  Lunch however runs from 12:30 to 3:30.   Who eats lunch anyway !!

The Bean Counter Cafe also caters for functions – something I’m yet to experience.  They also sell their own blend of coffee beans, and flower blossom teas for those that like to drink flowers.

Oh, I’d better not leave out the waffles.  I’m yet to remember to actually take my own picture, so the one below’s from their webpage.  Something ablout a fresh waffle on a plate in front of me turns off my brain.  I’m sure one day I’ll remember.


So there you have it.  When in Melbourne, and feeling like an experience that I guarantee won’t disappoint, drop into the Bean Counter Cafe in Fairfield.

Below is a link to their webpage and address.  Enjoy.

The Bean Counter Cafe






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