The flaming bag on the door step

Imagine your surprise.  Going about your business, expecting yet another normal evening, then lo and behold, “ding-dong”….  you answer the door and there’s a flaming bag of “do do” on your door step.

Gone are the days of ignorance.  The days when your clean, warm pair of slippers, were ruined by the sweet stench emulating from below as you blindly stomp out the flames.  As a society, we’ve become more cynical – surely some happy honest individual didn’t accidentally leave their flaming bag here !!  We’ve become accustomed to expect the unexpected.  A flaming bag isn’t just a flaming bag !!


A good friend of mine just updated her Facebook status, commenting at her disgust at finding someone had decided to defecate on her lawn over night.  As horrid as this sounds, and despite my reply and emoji set on “shock” the fact remains, I wasn’t shocked at all.  In fact, I too have had someone busting too much to make it home, so they’ve decided to “make brown” over my front fence.   It’s just the way the world is now.  People seem to care less, there’s less respect, and if you need to go, “who cares about someone else’s roses, I’ll do what I want, when I need to do it”.

In my opinion, the world would be a far greater place if we expect less of ourselves.   The person wouldn’t have fertilized my garden had they had known they’d not be able to make it home to the safety of their toilet.   They obviously expected to be able to make it.

Recently I had the privilege of traveling and passing through several airports.   Signs everywhere warn people not to leave your baggage unattended.  This is a two-way warning.  It warns against people picking up and stealing your unattended bags, and the second and more alarming part of the warning – If you leave a bag unattended, it may be perceived to contain something that goes bang, and causes a lot of damage, possibly even claiming life.   The fear is real, something as common as a bag in an airport, when left alone, looks like a black ball with a fuse on top.  Unfortunately males wearing beards have the same effect.


As a society constantly on edge, living under the possibility of harm by certain groups, the power of certain countries and of course the threat of those that surround us by the unknown way they may act at any given time, has over time both desensitized  us and made us into a group of people who are accustomed to looking sideways.  If only the person taking a dump over the fence was more paranoid.

There seems to be a vast gap between those who give a stuff, over those who don’t.   The circumstances vary greatly as well.  I see it every day on the roads.  Some people drive like they could have an accident any second.  They’re pressed up against the steering wheel, squinting as their eyes dart wildly trying to see an impeding threat to their safety.  On the flip side, there’s those who “drive like they stole it”.  No care for the safety of those around them.  They cut in, brake hard and speed like they’re driving the “Enterprise” being chased across space.  The only time they slow down is for a “safety camera/speed camera”, as selfishness towards other road users is rampant and the only thing you can sure of, is they will protect themselves against a speeding fine at any cost.                       The road is the one place you really do need to be paranoid.


Everything that has nothing to do with ourselves, we have no control over.   I like to live my life based on that statement.  There’s one thing you can be sure of in life, and that is that you really be sure of anything.   I constantly expect the unexpected.  Nowadays nothing really surprises me.  Just like a flaming bag on a door step, or a personalized gift left in my front garden, I too have become desensitized to the vastness of human nature.  This by no means I’ll replicate what I see out there.  I don’t think anyone should.  Not unless it highlights the positive side of life existing with other people.

Be kind out there



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