Political Popularity – The “Chester and Spike” Method

I remember as a child sitting down to watch cartoons on a Saturday morning.  Of course back then you had to wait for the snow on the TV to be replaced by the test pattern, and then came the Disney introductions and my favourite cartoon “Chester and Spike”.  The big dog with all the power and the over excited small dog bouncing around trying desperately to gain the attention and approval of the big dog.

They say cartoons have subliminal messaging, and that they’re medias way of suggestive learning.  This cartoon now, to me, represents an old-fashioned way of social acceptance and advancement.  The big dog (dumb yet powerful beyond his comprehension) has suggestions thrown at him by an excited, motivated, yet still dumb smaller dog, in an attempt to actually do something, hoping that in doing so might make the smaller dog own par with the big dog.  Welcome to Australian Politicians approach to the politicians of “super power” countries.

With regards to very recent international events, the Australian Prime Minister (like the small dog)  was very quick to jump on the Trump Wagon with media conferences stating “We back America fully”.  And that “We were advised of the attack several hours prior”.  The second statement was made in such a way that it misled the Australian pubic into believing that Australia was the only country told of the impeding operation.  The Prime Minister of Australia, stood proud, with the look of a Puppy Dog that had just been given the leftover bone by the big dog.   You could see that “Now we’re part of the winning team” look on his face as he delivered his statements while leaving out the facts that several countries, including Russia, UK etc were also informed of the impending operation.

I remember a cartoon Chester and Spike.  See the clip below :

Spike – Trump, Chester – Australia Prime Minister

Riding on the coat tails of a stronger country, the Prime Minister was seeking the approval of the international community,  in an attempt to protect his economy and shore up possible long-term benefits in trade.  To the less educated, he did just that.  To the rest of us who actually learned to read, all he did was throw us into the mix of a far greater threat.  The South China sea trade route dispute.  Something the Australian Government has been trying to remain “on the fence” of for a long time.  In just minutes, the “smug faced” Prime Minister, riding on someone else power trip, demolished what his government has been trying to protect.  He basically handed over the reigns to someone else, and in doing so, has now no control over the future of sea bound trade into and out of Australia, via the South China Sea.  A huge gamble if there ever was one.

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is seen during an event at Flinders University in Adelaide, Australia,

Recently, media reports suggested that Australia wouldn’t take sides with regards to the South China sea tensions:

The article below comes from News.com.au article on OCTOBER 23, 20165:43AM

Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has accused Labor of lacking a coherent policy on the South China Sea dispute.

Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has accused Labor of lacking a coherent policy on the South China Sea dispute.Source:AFP

But the Federal Government has deemed Labor’s position on the South China Sea “all over the shop”.

“The challenge for Labor is to come up with clear and coherent policy, they have now had four or five pronouncements on what Labor would do in relation to the South China Sea,” Foreign Minister Julie Bishop told Sky News.

“The importance of dealing with great powers like to China is to be clear and consistent in your messaging and Labor’s all over the shop.”

Ms Bishop has explicitly ruled out an exercise within the 12-mile nautical zone.


So far, Australia’s involvement in the conflict has been relatively low-risk.

It’s understood the country is yet to sail within 12 nautical miles of the Chinese islands, and despite occasional threats from China, they don’t see our military as particularly provocative.

Odom commended Australia’s role in the conflict, despite the fact that Australia hasn’t nearly acted as strongly as its US ally in the region.

It seems, once again the small dog is sitting close to the big dog, waiting patiently, yet excited about what the big dog might suggest.   This “hand sitting tactic” is becoming old with the Australian people, who are treated like uneducated buffoons by the privileged few that sit high on their thrones in the country’s Capital.   So closed off to the realities of life in Australia, the election of Donald Trump as President, and the lesson learned in the US congress regarding how powerful a vote can be, the Australian Government has no idea what they’re doing, yet alone how to protect themselves against future election wipeouts.  This was obvious with the amount of head scratching going on after the US election results were released.  It seems the public do have a say when it comes to elections.  Who ever would have thought !!!


One this that is apparent.  We live in uncertain times.  The decisions that are made for us, by the very people that we elected to speak on our behalf, definitely don’t represent the views of the general consensus.  Can we really trust the elected few to steer the ship of safety?  To make the right choices, the morally right choices, choices that are humane, and representative the population ?   This is the question.  But unfortunately followed by another.

What can we really do about it.??!!

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