Ten Camping Hacks that really work.

Someone smart devised a device that made it easier to communicate no matter where you were.  Someone even smarter revolutionised this device to all people to send an instant message, and not long after that happened, the internet, banking and even the ability to check the weather was an easily accessible feature of what we know as the modern mobile phone.  In fact there’s not much you can’t do on a phone nowadays.  It’s ideas like these which make our lives easier. 

Smart people are everywhere.  And like everyone else, they can’t help but think of ways to make life easier.  Those people sometimes enjoy jogging (the mobile based pedometer app),  mountain biking (the camel back drink bag) and camping.  Below are some useful camping “hacks” that were devised to make things easier.  Some are just cool ideas.  

1.  Place a tarpaulin under your tent.

A tarp is a valuable piece of material that keeps dirt and water off the base of your tent, making packing up easier, but it also acts as an insulation barrier preventing the cold ground from cooling your tent.  An extra-large tarp will also give you a place to take your shoes off without bringing the outdoors into your tent.  


2. Cotton ball and vaseline fire starters.  

Simply coat 3/4 of each cotton ball in vaseline, store in a plastic zip bag and when your ready to get the fire going, light the 1/4 that doesn’t have vaseline and watch the fire light straight up.  



2. Sage 

Sage keeps the mosquitos away.  Simply throw a pre wrapped sage stick onto the coles at the edge of the camp fire, and the smoke will do the rest.



3.  Dixie cup and toilet roll phone speakers.

This hack is amazing.  Its self-explanatory, just look at the pic below.



4.  Wooden tarp pins.  

You to can look like you know what you’re doing when setting up camp.   Keep that tarp taught by pulling the guide rope through the tarp eye and loop it over a carefully selected twig found around your camp site.  The more pressure on the rope, the bigger the twig you’ll need. 



5.  Plastic bag dispensary.

Genius !!!  re-use that hand wipe container by refilling it plastic bags.



6.  The Camp shower.  

Now you to can have the pressure of a home shower while camping.  Yes, theres another use for that weed sprayer.  Just buy another one (as to prevent a toxic shower), replace the handle and sprayer with a garden hose head, and fill the bottle with warm water.  How good is this !?  



7.  The throne.

What goes in, must come out.  For campsites that don’t have facilities the hack below may come in handy.  Simply place behind a tarp and get going !!.   An old deck chair, a bucket a seat and lid (yes even when camping you have to put the lid down).  Cut a hole in the chair large enough to fit the seat over and bucket under.  The arms are a nice touch !! 



8.  Dry Toilet roll holder. 

This hack falls hand in hand with the last one.  Have you ever wondered what else you can use that bulk blank CD/DVD container for ?  Simply place your toilet roll into the empty container, seal and place next to the throne to keep moisture from ruining your wiping experience. 



9.  Adult marshmallows. 

Camping isn’t camping without a fire and marshmallows.  Even the grownups should be able to enjoy these delicacies, why not try this.  After cooking your marshmallow, dip it into a glass of Baileys.  Its delicious.  


10.  WD40.

The uses for WD40 are truly amazing.  WD40 (Water Dispenser number 40) when invented was marketed as a mechanics lubricant.  Soon other uses were discovered.  WD40 stops squeaks, loosens rusted parts and stops mosquito and ants bites from hurting.  Rubbish you say.!!  try it.  it works.  Simply spray a little amount onto the affected area and let dry.  15 – 30 seconds later the stinging goes away.  I’ve been using it for years in this way and there’s been no adverse affects.  – always consult your medical practitioner before attempting to prevent adverse reactions 😉 


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