Conspiracy, a theory, Fake News, or an alternative truth ?

What if ??…   Its a question that congers up countless theories, suggestions, lies, and of course, truths.


What if those deadly berries that we all know we shouldn’t eat were really great tasting berries that cures every disease known to man.!  And we’re just told they’re poisonous so that pharmaceutical companies can continue peddling their drugs.  We’ve been missing out on really good tasting berries for all these years !!!  What a thought huh ?


Things are being invented every day.  For example “Fake news”…  What’s Fake news ??  How can we really tell what is or isn’t right ?  Who do we trust ?  My answer is simply “No-one”.  One persons fake news is another persons truth.  The bigger the conspiracy, usually the more financial loss or gain is associated.  CNN, SBS, ABC, BBC all renown news agencies, historically trusted by the masses to tell ongoing current affairs have been labelled “Fake News” outlets by various organisations, political groups and conspiracy theorists.  Media such as YouTube, Twitter and even Facebook have jumped on the band wagon, and any Joe Bloggs with a camera, a steady voice, and some creatively obtained video footage can post online and within 12 hours have tens of thousands of followers believing them, hanging on every word, regardless how accurate the topic may be.  This might be “Fake News” but if the subject matter is accurate, how can it be fake.

Oroville Dam.  What a perfect example of Agencies, Local Government and Emergency Response Departments working together to limit information to prevent a panic, thus alleviating legal responsibility and warding off possible legal responsibility.  Those poor people of Oroville were told the emergency auxiliary spill way “was expected to fail within the hour”.  That means any second !!!!  The town should have been cautioned about a possible evacuation when the dam neared the 90% mark.  Not when a complete failure was expected to happen within the hour.  Thank goodness it didn’t happen.  But was this what they were afraid of ?  Are they afraid that people might accuse the powers of be of creating a panic for nothing ?  A theorist has already suggested that the panicked repair work is all just showmanship to make it look as if it might have been worse than it was, thus making the powers of be out to be heroes for warding off destruction.  What a thought !!  I might be true, it might not be.


Did man actually land on the moon ?  How can a flag wave in the wind, when the moon is in a vacuum ?  Did the USA, at the time in a “Span Race” with Russia, film the entire event in the Utah Dessert ?  And what about Roswell ?  I’ve been to the Roswell UFO museum.  I have questions that no ones been able to answer yet.  Does that make aliens real, or fake ?  So  many questions.


Life today is filled with so much easily accessible information, we find it impossible to absorb everything.  Unfortunately most of what we take in is suggestive, fear creating in such a way that we don’t realise it changes the way we life, the decisions we make.   We’re being bombarded constantly with bad news,  suggestive advertising directing us to purchase something.  A lot of what we see and hear surely is designed to get us to change something based on fear.  An example of this is  life insurance, the car we drive, where we live, where we shop, even how and what we eat and drink.   If the media didn’t show car crashes, no-one would purchase car insurance.  If they didn’t comment on house fires, burglaries and home invasions, no-one would purchase house insurance.   A friend of mine has never had car insurance.  Its saved him many tens of thousands of dollars.  I once asked him why.  He simply said “I’m a careful driver, I’ve never crashed and don’t intend to crash.  Why waste the money on something that’ll probably never happen because someone’s created the fear that it might happen ?”.    I went home and did some basic equations.  I’ve never crashed, and have had car insurance for the past 25 years.  I’d have saved almost $40,000 by now.  And thats just my car, not my motorcycle, home & contents insurance, health insurance, pet insurance.  I’ve never claimed a cent on insurance yet.!!!!! Is there really a conspiracy by governments to work with the media to create economies based on fear ?  Maybe.  Some of the happiest people I know don’t have insurances, don’t watch TV or read newspapers.  They’re stress free and content.  Without the pressure to have more and do more.

Vehicle safety has come a long way since I started driving.  Back then, there were no such thing as airbags, ABS, Stability control.  You could drive a car through a wall and it would only scratch the paint.  Suddenly, you weren’t a safety conscious person unless you had a new car with safety features.  TV adverts showed a happy family loading into a car, and a deer runs out onto the road.  The car brakes suddenly and comes to a safe stop, just as the deer runs off into the bush.  Happy, fluffy music comes on, and the voice over suggests “you to can be a good safety conscious parent, just visit your local……dealer”.  An older car could have safely plowed through the deer, not crumbled like a can, sure there might be loud bang, maybe a dent but the family would have enough venison for a month and the driver and occupants would have been no worse off.  The new car costs more than an old car ( ten fold ), is weaker, lighter, less structurally strong, but its advertised as safer.  You’ll even be rewarded by insurance discounts for having more safety features, if you decide to take out insurance that is.   But what sort of safety conscious parent would you be if you didn’t ?!


Insurance is a safety net.  Its the perfect way to say “we don’t need to care as much, or pay as much attention to safety”, because if (and its a big “IF”) something bad happens, someone else can pay for the repairs.  Safety features are just another way to say “I don’t need to be as careful because if I do crash, an airbag will save me, or if I panic, the brakes won’t lock, or of I swerve out of my lane, an alarm will sound”.  Are we being programmed to be dumber ?  Maybe

Movies are amazing.  What other form of entertainment can you sit comfortably, eat, drink, relax and receive a full sensory overload of sounds, vibrations, sights, suggestions, product placements, religious messages, subliminal messages and situations made so real you take the experience home, and make small changes in your own daily routines based on what you’ve just seen.  Most people wouldn’t even be aware they’re seeing a Mac Donald’s coffee cup in their favourite actors hand, a G’Shock watch on their favourite action hero, or a pair of Allstar shoes being worn by Will Smith in almost every movie he acts in.  I must admit, I drove a little faster home from the cinema after seeing “Fast & Furious”.  How many people bought bunkers after seeing “Twister”, or started recycling after seeing “The Inconvenient Truth”. ?


There’s many more; Chem Trails, UFO sightings, Nibiru or Planet X, The Mayan Calendar, Yellowstone super Caldron, The Chamberlains (Dingo Stole my baby).  The people who might know something, won’t talk.  Even if they did, who’d believe them ?

Just make sure you keep your eye open for this guy below.  You never really know whats true or not !!!



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