Chinese New Year – Melbourne Australia

Its the year of the Rooster.  Yes you heard me right.  The rooster,  last year was the Monkey but he didn’t come to the party in the way the the trusty time keeper (the rooster) will.

Since the begging of time, one thing has woken man with persistent excellence,  the rooster.  Now all farm facts aside, the Chinese people believe the rooster will actually bring bad fortune, but Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Elton John, Jennifer Aniston, Anna Kournikova were all born on the year of the rooster, so it can’t be all bad.  In Chinese Astrology Rooster years are only supposed to be bad luck for people born on a Rooster year.  so everyone else should be ok.


So Melbourne really put on a show today/chinese-new-year-rooster-i627379884-i627661822-600x319tonight…  Not only was an all Williams Australian Open Tennis final being played, but Mystical Dragons were out and about blessing the many Chinese restaurants of Melbourne China town, but strings of firecrackers were being lit, and sounding off like a machine gun at close quarters to ward off the bad spirits.

Of course there are always the bad side of such events.  Melbourne city came to the party with their typical lack of understanding when it comes to a city that actually has people in it.  The garbage bins were over flowing, and not one additional rubbish receptor in site.  It seems they think, out actually, their lack of thinking, again letting down the city by showing the unprofessional understanding of hosting such events.  I would hate to have been a tourist this usually beautiful city and see what I saw protruding out go the many overflowing rubbish bins.

Now thats my gripe over and done with.  The Chinese organising committee went to great efforts to put on a spectacular event (as usual), and the many red lanterns illuminating the   trees along the river walk, the Melbourne Casino display for the kids, and the food outlets staging the many varieties of Chinese cuisine made for a very enjoyable night.   Lets hope in the future, other ethnic groups can put on celebrations to a similar scale as Chinese New Years.



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