There’s nothing like Bacon !!!!

Who doesn’t like the most important meal of the day to include something that makes your mouth water at just the thought of it.  Its something that other food groups wish they could be, not even a fruit salad comes close.  Yes…..Bacon.

Bacon is everything a growing boy needs.  In fact I’m still a growing boy, even at the age of 39.  Its the perfect condiment to anything, and no breakfast is complete without it.

Bacon is so popular that even other animals are made into bacon just to satisfy our sick need for new ways to eat bacon. Turkey, for example, is not something you would picture frying up into a crispy strip, that is before bacon came along. Now the possibilities are endless.


Some things over the years have gone out of style, not bacon !!!  There are however different, weird and wonderful ways of serving this amazing product.  My favourites always been fried (crispy), usually done by cooking the strips in water, boiling that water with the bacon in it until all the waters gone, leaving the most crispy pieces of bacon you can imagine.  That was until I was introduced to Maple Syrup Bacon.  Cook your bacon in water (as I described) and just before the last bit of waters gone, drench your bacon in Maple Syrup.  It must be real Maple Syrup, not the cheap substitute made with sugar, because if you go cheap, the bacon ends up like bacon flavoured fudge.  Actually that even sounds good !!!   might have to try it.

I’ve had bacon on pancakes, bacon in salads (don’t tell anyone) and of course bacon on burgers, but have you ever tried bacon on popcorn.  Its delicious.  Make a bowl of popcorn, slice up 12 rashers of bacon and fry with 1/2 cup of brown sugar.  Toss the bacon mix into the popcorn and wala.  I think it would be a smash at cinemas if everyone ate bacon or pork.


Pizza will never be the same !!!  I stumbled across a sweet bacon and pear pizza a while back while exploring some of Melbourne Pizzerias.  Hesitant at first, the relief following the explosion of flavours concreted once again why bacon goes with everything.  Chocolate bacon fondue, Maple bacon hot chocolate and candied bacon ice cream to name a few more.

Getting away from the obvious dietary benefits of bacon, theres actually a whole other use for it.  Of course you could make it into a dress and wear it to the Emmy’s, but there are medical uses as well.  Try Bacon Bandaids and bacon lip balm for example.

Ok, Ok, maybe I’ve gone a little overboard with this last one, but who can blame me for trying right ?!.  maybe it was the Bacon Martini I just had.!!!!

There’s one thing I must say to conclude.  Bacon is for the ages, always has been and always will be.  Get a little pork on your fork !!!



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