The Foxhole Cafe – Nagambie

Only 1.5 hrs from the hustle and bustle of Melbourne city lays a small lakeside town called Nagambie.   Nagambies roots go back to the early 1800’s when a hotel, church and blacksmith were set up to service the river traffic along the nearby Goulburn river.  Now Nagambie sits on the shores of the Lake Nagambie – a man made lake created when the Goulburn Weir was built in 1891.  Nagambie has a population of around 2000 people, and this varied greatly with the influx of holidayers using the lake and nearby river systems.  The lakes also home to many rowing regattas, as its calm surface is perfect for such events.

Here, in Nagambie you’ll find many small country town stores, a bakery, pub and a handful  of cafes.  None as unique as the Foxhole Cafe.  Located at 275 High Street, Nagambie, with ample off street parking, the Foxhole cafe has been built onto part of Nagambies history, as it’s located inside hat appears to be an old bank, complete with walk in safe.



I can only describe this Cafe as “like being at home while Mum cooks and attends to your every need”.  The comfort levels inside small but cosy room, has you looking the TV remote.  The locals who frequent here for coffee, breakfast and lunch are obvious by the warm knowingly greetings from the staff and the local goings on being discussed by the happy and friendly patrons.

The coffee is made to perfection and supplied by “Toby’s Estate Coffee Roasters” and the breads and baked goods section has reached the regional newspapers with is high quality and mouth watering selection.


The food is cooked within 5 meters of where you sit filling the air with a smorgasbord of aromas which unfortunately make you crave your order even more.  Not to worry though, there are also a selection of books, magazines and newspapers to fill the time.  Th wait however isn’t long at all, and before I knew it, my breakfast was delivered like a magician, it disappeared before my eyes.

The food is served on beautiful locally sourced wooden kitchen boards, and is presented like you’d find in an upperclass Melbourne restaurant.


The staff are so friendly and welcoming, you feel like this is where your supposed to be, and makes ordering that extra cup of coffee so you can hang out on one of the couches an easy option.  I decided to peruse the variety of locally made produce available to buy – Chutneys, spreads and teas, as well as crafted cups, tea pots etc


The prices are so reasonable, you make a pact to come back next time your in the area (this has been my 5th visit) between $9 – $20 so there’s no excuse for a nice cuppa, a delicious meal and exceptional service at the Foxhole in Nagambie.

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