Carter Smith Devlin & Co – Williamstown, Melbourne

Sunday breakfast today was any Carter Smith Devlin & Co, Williamstown, Melbourne. I like Williamstown for a cafe destination because of the small fishing port feel to the town, the heritage buildings and ship memorabilia places around the town.

Not much has changed in Williamstown since the early days, except that the modern world has taken charge and theres now a larger variety of stores, shop fronts and cafes for residents and visitors.


In the strip of shops adjacent to the park on Nelson place is where patrons go for a view of the city and bay, great coffee and a unique dining experience.

This morning I ordered the Vegetarian Big Breakfast, a flat white and my brother had a simple  long black.


The wait staff were friendly and had the coffee’s to our table in less than 5 minutes.  The flat white was the perfect temperature and consistency, coming out in a mug on saucer, and the long black had 3cm of creme on top and came in a coffee glass.


The breakfast came out only 10 minutes after ordering it, and was proportioned well, and laid out nicely on the plate.


I opted for scrambled eggs ( you get more egg) and decided against the bacon and sausage this morning that usually accompanies a standard “Big Breakfast”.  The egg was cooked to perfection with a hint of herb on top.   I was surprised that only one slice of break had actually been buttered, at least butter both or provide butter for me to do the job myself.  The avocado was fresh and I got a healthy amount.  The Tomatoes were a little dry but the mushrooms were amazing.  Cabbage was buttered maybe a little too much (maybe this substitutes the lack of butter on my bread?).

Two coffees and a big breakfast came to a very reasonable $23.   The Friendly staff and service, quality of coffee and food, coupled with the breathtaking views, made this breakfast location a place I will definitely head back to.


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