7 Grams Cafe – Lara

Not for from the quaint Harbourside city of Geelong lays a small town called Lara.  Lara sits in the morning shadow of the granite peaks otherwise known as the You Yangs.  Lara boasts a healthy 13500 odd residents and this is only increasing with farm subdivisions not far from the heart of town.

Driving through Lara you soon realise things happen at a more relaxed pace.  This is welcoming if you’ve just come from Melbourne where things are crazy at best.

IN the heart of the small shopping strip you’ll find a cafe called “7 Grams”.  No doubt after the amount of coffee in their shots.  & Grams is known locally as an expresso lounge.  They sell a variety of weird and wonderful expresso makers, some looking like they belong in a science lab and others more traditional.

The Breakfast menu has everything you’d need from scrambled eggs to poached eggs.

7 gramns poached eggs.jpg

The kitchen staff are skilled and cook fresh.  My order came out after only 10 minutes of placing it, however i was one of 8 people in that day.  The coffee was at my table in under 5 minutes.

Lunchtime saw me order a “7 grams burger”.  It had a fresh bun that had obviously been made fresh that day, a perfect balance between mushrooms, lettuce, tomato and cheese, all with an inshore made burger topped off with dijon mustard.


7 Grams also make amazing yoghurt smoothiee.  Now I consider myself to be a bit of a coniseur when it comes to milkshakes, thick shakes etc, but this smoothie ended to soon.  In that I wished it kept going and going and going.  Just typing about it makes me crave another.


Oh and lets not forget about their range of pastries, cakes and slices.  Perfect if you have a sweet tooth as I seemed to have on that day.

Overall I was impressed with the friendliness of the staff and the quality of the service.  The Cafe itself was clean and well managed.  Tables were all clean and aligned and stocked with condiments ready for use.  There was plenty of room regardless if you had a group of 12 or just yourself.

I’ll be revisiting thats for sure  🙂

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