Torrumbarry – Camping on the Murray River

Torrumbarry – River Camping

Torrumbarry – Click for map
Only 35 minutes from Echuca you’ll come across a Caltex service station with attached Torrumbarry Store – Bottlemart and Torrumbarry Hotel. This is your last chance to top off the car, boat and jerry cans, grab some water, snacks or maybe even some WD40 from the accessories part of the store (wheel bearings, D-shackles etc) and take the turnoff towards the Torrumbarry Weir.
3km’s down the road you’ll come to the many river access tracks (on your right hand side) which are dirt tracks and they’re rutted (so watch your ground clearance if your vehicles low to the ground or towing. These lead off to unmarked camping sites along the river.

Torr 3.jpg

The area is pet friendly, but make sure you keep Rover tied up or you’ll be searching until the end of time to find him if he gets off and runs.

River access is sometimes a little difficult due to the varying bank heights, but achievable as past campers have usually chiseled out steps. There is ample boat spots to tie the boat up along the banks but beware of submerged trees and branches, so choose your spot wisely.

Torr 2.jpg

Some people construct their own pontoon/jetty to tie their boat off to (see above pic) and this also allows them easy access to and from the water for swimmers. There are yabbies (small freshwater crayfish) athat like to have the ocasional nibble, so be prepared for a nip. Fishing is also something you might like to try as there’s heaps.

Facilities do not exist. THIS IS A CARRY IN CARRY OUT location. Bring your own water, toilet etc, and carry out everything once you’ve finished.
We came across peoples rubbish left piled up where they were camping, to lazy to take it away with them. This will no doubt lead to these camp sites being closed down and locked up.
There are toilets and showers at the Torrumbarry store for a small charge if you find washing in the river and going toilet in a hole a little to much to cope with.

The flies are atrocious during summer, and without insect repellant you’d struggle. Mosquitos are also rampant following rain, so again, cover up. On a side note WD40 works to take the srting out of bites, simply spray a little onto the bite area and wait 30 seconds. Works a treat.


Overall I give this camp site a 7/10 on the basis its free and unrestricted, but has no facilities at all. It is however up to you to make your site what you want, and for that fact is right up there with what camping is all about. Adventure. There is access to the river, fenced off nature zones for hiking and a boat ramp within easy access and a store, pub and service station all within 5km of the sites.

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