MAGELLAN 710 eXplorist

A couple of years ago I purchased a Mangellan 710 eXplorist with the thought of using it both in the vehicle while driving off road and also out in the wilderness while hiking and camping. It also has a Geocaching feature which I thought might be fun to try. I wasn’t disappointed.


The 710 has a touch screen which in all honesty can be a little temperamental not to mention small (compared to other devices). It has a built in camera for taking shots of landmarks etc that can be downloaded later and stored on your computer. It has a slot for a micro SD card so choose the right card and you’ll be able to store many pictures.


It has the ability to unload various maps from the Magellan website in case your travelling overseas and want to know where you are.

The Geocaching mode is fun, and so long as The cache your searching for is still there, you become a big kid looking for hidden treasure.

In the vehicle the 710 stands up well to pretty much anything you throw at it. It locates you within a meter of your actual location and progressively determines your location through whatever speed you happen to be going – just as a normal in car GPS.

The additional features that can come win handy are the built in Barometric Altimeter sensor – in case your wondering how high you are and what the weather might be doing !! I like to look out the window or simply look up.

The 710 is waterproof so all the outdoor activities we like to do in the rain aren’t going to faze this device much, but with the Barometric sensor you should be able to avoid the wet stuff. It comes with a handful of accessories, so mounting it shouldn’t be much of an issue.


The 710 also comes with a standard and recharging battery modes, so if your using rechargeable batteries and have the device plugged in, it’ll keep the batteries charged and ready for when you disconnect it and go bush. I’d keep a couple of batteries (if not a couple of pairs) in you pack in case you need to swap them.

All in all a very handy device to have.

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