Craigs Hut – Mount Stirling – Victoria High Country

This iconic Hut built for and made famous by A.B “Banjo” Pattisons movie “The Man from Snowy River” – a movie set in the 1880’s.


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The Hut sits proudly atop of Mt Stirling, approx 51km’s from Mansfield, was designed to Replicate a traditional high country cattlemans hut. It was burned down in the bush fires of 2006 and was completely rebuilt and reopened in 2008 where it is enjoyed by many.

cattlemen craigs hut.jpg

The road from Mansfield is picturesque and winds through the hills like a snake along the Mount Buller Tourist road until you reach the turn off at the first Mount Buller Gantry. FroM here the road is gravel (unsealed) and relentless corners and rutted roads shake your body to the bone. This continues for at least 45 minutes (depending on what you drive and how its driven). The last 1.5km’s is accessible by 4wd’s only. But once you reach the top, you can see why thousands of people make the trip every year. For me it was worth it.


Through the weather stripped trees, an opening spreads out in front of you. You can see a handmade wooden stock fence, and sitting proudly behind it, against some of the most great taking views I’ve seen, is Craigs Hut. The rusty roof and wooden panels give you the feeling that a high country cattleman will appear at any moment out of the scrub driving a heard of brumbies destined for the horse trade.


The hut, of course is open, and once inside, you can see that this is truely a movie prop as there is very little in the way of human comfort. Even the fireplace you can see from the outside isn’t anywhere to be seen inside. But all that aside, if you’ve seen the movie, you really feel a part of history just being here.

Highly recommended.


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