Camping at Major Creek – Nagambie


Click here for a map

Heading towards Nagambie on the Goulburn Valley Freeway, just 600 meters past the Nagambie Rest Area, you’ll see a turn off to Mitchellstown Road and the Mitchellstown Winery (worth a visit since your in the area and camping just down the road)

Continue on Mitchellstown Road past the point where it turns to gravel and you’ll come across a small wooden one laned bridge. Don’t worry, it’ll handle a car and caravan with ease.

bridge gambie.jpg

Once across the bridge, the camping area opens up. You’ll find large open areas under the shade of huge eucalyptus trees beside the creek.


There are no fire pits so make sure to bring a spade. Of course this means dowsing your pit with water and filling it in once your done.
There are no roads within ears reach except for the gravel road running past the camp grounds so you’ll be lucky to get a few cars a day coming past (mostly campers and locals fishing).
The creek runs into the Goulburn River just a few hundred meters up the creek so its safe for kayaks, swimming (beware of submerged branches) and of course fishing.
A small dinghy is ok, but anything bigger is going to be damaged. Definitely not ok for Jetskis etc


There are no dedicated camping spots and there is no running water, so make sure you make the trip into Nagambie for supplies (10 min drive). I recommend the old Bank cafe. Its got great coffee and the service is amazing. This is a Carry in Carry out site, so bring a bag to remove your rubbish.

Toilets are composting but usually clean. Bring your own bog rolls


Overall this is a great quiet, family friendly site that has plenty of room.
In case your wondering though, it does back onto the Puckapunyal Military Area (whick is wats behind the fence on the opposite side of the road), but you won’t see or hear anything – your not supposed to !!!


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